This software development company’s target market is BPO and contact centers whose primary pain points are improving connection rates and program management. Dissatisfied with their current provider,  due to their lack of flexibility and overall poor performance as a strategic business partner, they were referred to Televergence via an existing customer. 

Since the Televergence Cloud Phone Service met 100% of their administrative team’s phone and dynamic testing needs, all phones and devices were migrated onto the Televergence network within two weeks at a fraction of the cost. Televergence was able to customize the service and offer the flexibility to add testing phone numbers and the support of multiple softphones (including a new proprietary version) for the testing they required – a unique need of this customer that their existing provider had been unwilling to consider.

Televergence’s unparalleled technical expertise and customer service team worked strategically with the customer to ensure each unique phone and softphone were enabled correctly. This allowed for the successful implementation of all customized applications, including mobility testing and test calls to remote areas. Additionally, although their existing provider charged premium rates for these critical test calls, Televergence’s objective of nurturing a strategic partner relationship with its customers mandated that all calls were priced equally, thereby saving the customer a substantial amount of money.  

This customer considers Televergence a valuable strategic business partner whose relationship has grown substantially since the initial deployment.  



For over 32 years, Televergence has been saving customers an average of 30% over AT&T and Verizon on toll free and long distance services for contact centers and other high volume users.  The Televergence Cloud Phone System  is ideal for SMBs and enterprise customers with remote workers and priced to save them an average of 30% over the market leading competitors. Our Customer Commitment is supported by C-Level Account Management, unparalleled technical expertise and customer service, the highest quality, U.S.-based, 24 x 7 x 365 Network Operations Center, and Televergence’s industry-leading customer retention statistics.  Televergence is a WOSB and WBENC certified diverse supplier. 

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