Long Distance

Televergence provides carrier-class enterprise termination services to a wide array of customers over our next-generation network, which has specificity been engineered to carry voice traffic exclusively.

Covering more than 10,000 rate centers in the contiguous United States, Hawaii, Canada and the Caribbean. We terminate local, interstate and intrastate voice calls, as well as national and international calls. Whether it’s a local call for Chinese food down the block, a call to one of your kid's schools, or a call to a critical international conference bridge where you must sound great, our amazing staff is at the ready to get you started.

We partner with many other providers across the globe in an effort to provide the highest level of quality for international A-Z voice termination. Several grades of service, from cost-effective to retail are available to meet both your budgetary and quality of services needs.


  • Flexible interconnection options including both public and private SIP or TDM connectivity via Televergence deployed on-site gateway equipment
  • Both standard and customized pricing options to fit your specific needs; including formats such as: flat rated, rates by jurisdiction, rate decks by NPA, NPA-NXX, NPA-NXX-Y and OCN/LATA
  • Dedicated and Switched Termination options for compliance
  • An Intelligent software-defined routing platform that can incorporate your own vendors with ours

Voice Termination Standard Product Offerings

Comparable to a traditional retail long distance offering from Tier 1 phone companies, Conversational is also by far our most popular outbound product for the enterprise market. While maintaining these high-quality expectations, it continues to be extremely cost-effective for our customers.

This quality outbound product is comprised of top international Tier 1 carriers. By establishing direct peering with major carriers in European, Asian and Latin countries, we deliver call quality that can't be rivaled. Special individual case based pricing is available for high volume or special projects. Our platform continually monitors international call quality. If issues do occur, we are able to preemptively adjust routing before customers notice.

Our Rural product is intended for customers located in remote geographic areas that need an outbound product compliant with the FCC's rural call completion order. Composed of only high-quality direct routes and peering relationships with small regional carriers, we monitor calls individually for quality of service by analyzing and logging the signaling and audio; these logs are retained for a minimum of one year. Upstream carriers are reviewed on a monthly basis to ensure that calls remain in full compliance.

Contact Center
Designed to support the needs of outbound campaigns, our Contact Center products can support any size project. Our internally developed SIP signaling, call routing and media proxies are designed from the ground up to support thousands of calls per second. Our staff works closely with customers to help answer complex questions for legal, regulatory and technical issues. Our experience with many open source and commercial dialing platforms means that we already know how to make your business better.

TCPA Restricted
Similar to our Contact Center product line, this trunk service will automatically reject calls placed to mobile phones. Unlike a contact center subscribing to LERG data in order to identify blocks of numbers belonging to wireless carriers, we dip each and every call to determine if the current carrier is fixed or mobile. We back our system's accuracy with Service Level Agreements and log every dip result.

Our customers include:

  • VoIP Service Providers
  • Wireless Carriers
  • Rural & Independent Local Exchange Carriers (RLEC’s & ILEC’s)
  • Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLECs)
  • Small to Medium Businesses
  • Large Enterprise Businesses with Multiple Sites
  • Educational Institutions
  • Inbound and Outbound Contact Centers
  • Local and State Institutions (Government)
  • And many more...

We strive to care as much about your business and customers as you do; so give us a chance to understand your needs and identify your telecommunications goals, so that we might find the right products and services that will represent the perfect fit.