CCaaS Platform

Benefits of a Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) Platform

The trend for businesses to update on-premise based PBX platforms and migrate their contact center into the cloud continues to grow.  Metrigy’s recent “Customer Engagement Transformation” study of 700 organizations revealed that over 60% of organizations have adopted cloud-based contact center technology.

CCaaS is a cloud-based solution that allows a business to utilize a contact center provider’s software, purchasing only the technology they need, thereby reducing internal IT support and cost. CCaaS platforms consist of a software subscription instead of the more traditional purchase/own model.  In addition to substantial financial benefits, it also eliminates the need for a business to manage and maintain the platform.

The benefits of a CCaaS model include:

  • An average per agent annual savings of 35.6% (CCaaS @ $1,356 vs. on-premises @ $2,104)
    • CCaaS platforms are typically operational expense (OpEx) based (i.e.a license per agent cost), with capital expenditures (CapEx)  limited to installation and training
  • Improved flexibility and scalability as needs change (i.e.  a pay-as-you-go model that accommodates a company’s needs and growth
  • Easier implementation with existing, on-premises contact center platforms
    • Does not require the organization to test new supporting software and/or servers
  • Improved ability to access advanced applications and functionalities (i.e. AI)
    • Legacy CCaaS providers have limited capabilities
  • Increased ways to communicate (i.e. Omnichannel capabilities: phone, email, chat and sms) due to the ease of adoption

Televergence has partnerships with several CCaaS providers.  This access to a broad variety of CCaaS platforms with omnichannel capabilities, coupled with our technical team and expertise, ensures a cost-effective, custom solution for each customer.

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