Local Numbers & DIDs

Televergence voice origination offers easy access to local phone numbers and inbound voice calling in over 10,000 US rate centers and 80 additional international markets. Simply identify either a particular area code and market you're looking for and we'll present thousands of options to chose from.

Do you have a specific project that requires vanity or readily identifiable numbers? Do you need a block of 200 contiguous numbers for a enterprise deployment? Or, maybe you need a number in every state that ends in the same four digits. Our staff is experienced in helping customers develop brand recognition through numbering resources.

Optional local and regional DID service is also available from many international locations, upon request. Trust that we are familiar with all local laws and requirements for the use of these numbers as they relate to your business application.

Are you looking to port numbers from another telecommunications provider and need assistance in understanding the process and timing? Let's get started by having you send your list of numbers to our porting department for review at lnp@televergence.com. Please remember to tell them if you are an existing customer or just obtaining a new quote.

Some of the many reasons customers rely on voice origination:

  • To create a "virtual" presence in other marketplaces without the need for a physical presence
  • The provisioning of large scale and on-demand applications that are impractical with traditional voice
  • Replace and reduce costly TDM circuits and loops without a reduction of quality
  • Avoid capital expenditures often associated with establishing multiple points of presence
  • Gain the benefits of IP networking, including geo-redundancy and disaster recovery capabilities
With Televergence voice origination, it is easier than ever to expand your existing footprint and establish yourself on the national stage.