Products + Services

Televergence provides a full range of Voice over IP wholesale and enterprise services, including: origination, termination, call peering, messaging and various value-added products. We offer carrier services that accommodate all types of VoIP and UC service providers, contact centers and enterprise customers with any type of endpoint methods and many types of interconnection from very simple public IP to sophisticated private line Ethernet and VPN tunnels.

We are committed to providing our customers with the best support available. That includes Tier I and II support from technical experts 24/7/365 a year.

The Televergence voice optimized IP network carries billions in annual minutes of voice and has over 4 million toll free numbers, which is an astounding 9% of total active numbers in the U.S. That is why we believe that trust is earned one minute at a time.


Easy access to local phone numbers and inbound voice calling in over 10,000 rate centers. Numbering resources available in 80 international countries. Choose from millions of available numbers or let our trained staff find the perfect vanity number.


Robust voice termination services that will support your conversational, dialer and international calling needs. Our nationwide software defined network will deliver the quality and scale your organization needs.


Toll Free Origination

Inbound 8YY services to meet your toll free calling needs, including both switched and dedicated Inbound Toll Free Service with multi-CIC support for added reliability.

E911 Emergency Services

No one likes emergencies, however, when they happen, you need a 911 service that works. Using 911 in conjunction with IP networks introduces many new complexities like out of state or country phone numbers, users on mobile devices without a documented physical address and the need to document building, suite and desks for emergency responders. Our continued development work on modern E911 technologies ensures that our customers are protected now and in the future.