Value Differentiators

Trusted Industry Leader

Services over 4.7M Toll Free numbers, which is 9% of total active numbers in the U.S.

Superior Network / Premium Call Quality

Network uptime of 99.999% in the last 5 years


Customer Retention

In Contact Center operational efficiencies, improving customer experience, and regulatory compliance

Highly Innovative

Creating new methods to deliver service while adding layers of redundancy & business continuity

Omnichannel Solutions

Access to multiple platforms for cloud or premise based solutions including Voice, SMS, Chat, Email and other applications

Direct Access

To C-Level Executives with immediate support from highly trained Televergence team members

Exceptional Service

Average customer retention exceeds 15 years, clearly proving Televergence is a valued partner

No Risk & Ease of Implementation

 A simple paper change and exchange of IP addresses to try a small piece of business with Televergence while keeping your existing carrier

10-30% Savings

Significant wholesale purchasing power with every Tier 1 Carrier which is passed on to you