DID Scrubbing Service

Maximize Contact Rates with Televergence DID Scrubbing Service

  • Televergence has created an algorithm-based DID scrubbing service to ensure the highest possible connection rates.  All DIDs we provide have been scrubbed against nationally available databases for DIDs that are not marked as SPAM and are  well rested.
  • MRC’s and NRC’s for replacement DIDs marked as SPAM will be invoiced at each customer's existing, DID volume-based pricing.
  • DID lists provided to Televergence via an excel spreadsheet (.cvs file) for scrubbing will have all DIDs that are marked as SPAM noted. If requested and available, Televergence will provide alternative DIDs.
  • Our recommendation is to routinely scrub DIDs weekly, or at a minimum monthly, to ensure  they are not marked as SPAM.
  • In addition to routine DID scrubbing, Televergence strongly recommends using CNAM.

For more information on this service, please call Ira Globerson, VP of Sales at 213-943-2023 or email at igloberson@televergence.com