Now is the Time to Sell Toll Free

We are living through a very confusing time, where once basic questions like whether it’s safe to go to the bank or grocery store are no longer simple. The public is scared, uncertain and completely inundated with conflicting facts and opinions. 

Now, more than ever, organizations of all types — from local governments to SMBs and large enterprises – need to step up and remain accessible to the public, ready to field questions. This will be imperative as economies begin to open back up and people start venturing out into the world again. 

One of the best ways to communicate with the public is by offering toll free voice service, which allows consumers to connect with live agents or auto-attendants at no charge. 

One local government that recently decided to move forward with toll free service is Reno County, Nevada. In April, local officials established a toll free number that community leaders and the public can use to ask questions or voice concerns about the governor’s stay-at-home order. 

Here at Televergence, we were thrilled to see Reno County embrace toll free service. We believe that every local government and business should be offering this amenity during this difficult time — and agents can play a key role in making this happen. 

It’s important to remember, however, that not all toll free carriers offer the same level of quality and support. It’s critical to partner with a company that can ensure reliable and high-quality communication so that when people start dialing in with questions, they are never turned away. 

Televergence is standing by to help – as a leading carrier with a robust nationwide network that includes advanced call routing with real-time monitoring, as well as load balancing, source-based routing, shared-use numbers, and fully scripted IF/THEN/ELSE logic. 

Perhaps most importantly, Televergence offers a distributed toll free platform, ensuring full business continuity throughout any situation.