This customer is a market research company located in middle America, conducting research in B2B, consumer, healthcare, and agricultural markets. Although they were satisfied with their current provider, their system was operating on older technology with POTS lines installed to each of their 100 contact center agents in two locations. The smaller contact center houses 25 agents and the larger contact center houses 75 agents.

Their new CEO was interested in updating their system and reducing telecom costs, including the utilization of VoIP enabled connections.


The Televergence team worked directly with the CEO and their IT specialist to define a 7 line, 2 month testing protocol for the first contact center via a TDM to VoIP gateway. Further, a complex inbound routing protocol was successfully implemented.

Significant rewire issues had to be resolved in order for the second, larger contact center to be added to the Televergence network. Guidance and oversight for the rewire project was provided by Televergence’s CTO, and the customer qualified a local contractor to perform the rewire that was required in order to complete the 75 agent contact center POTS line to VoIP enabled conversion.