A national teleservices customer engaged Televergence to migrate from TDM to VoIP enabled connections between their switches, which eliminates MRCs and TDM related maintenance costs. Acting as their own toll-free resporg, this customer used Televergence as their Complimentary RespOrg for routing 151,000 toll free numbers onto their network via the new VoIP enabled connections.

The customer was very happy with the superior customer service and uptime for the 151,000 toll free numbers routed through the Televergence switch. However, they were disappointed that due to the higher costs for the first leg of the traffic via a Tier 1 carrier with TDM connections, they were unable to route additional numbers. Televergence recommended that the customer coordinate a CIC code change on the existing 151,000 numbers to a Tier 1 carrier with inbound VoIP enabled connections for additional savings.


The customer tested the recommendation by coordinating a CIC code change on 48,000 of the existing 151,000 numbers. After confirming that there were no issues with the process, the remaining 103,000 toll free numbers were moved onto the new CIC code. Soon after, the customer requested an additional 200,000 high volume toll free numbers be provisioned on Televergence’s network, for a total of 351,000 toll free numbers.

Upon receipt of their first invoice after the change, Televergence received an additional request to provision 1.2 million additional numbers onto Televergence as the customer’s Complimentary RespOrg. By the end of that same month, the customer realized the substantial financial benefits of routing more than 1.5 million toll free numbers through the Televergence network.