A customer with a large inbound toll-free contact center business that handles the Tier 1 sales and support for a number of other organizations had moved their traffic off the Televergence network two years earlier, based on the promise of lower rates and colocation services we didn’t offer.

Having not heard from this previous customer for quite some time, our CEO was surprised to hear from them late in the evening on New Year’s Eve. Our understanding of the situation was that a large percentage of their toll-free calls weren’t completed, and a personal favorite was asked of our IT department to help diagnose the cause.

Upon review, our Network Operating Center (NOC) technical team quickly identified that two of the four national toll-free carriers had shut down trunks on their upstream carrier’s network, resulting in the customer experiencing a significant outage that exceeded 10 hours at this point.

The most significant challenges included:

• The identification of more than 60,000 toll-free numbers, their current RESPORGs, carriers, trunk, and IP configurations;

• Tasking our NOC technical team to duplicate these routing configurations within our network;

• Accomplishing this quickly, during a national holiday with limited staff.


Within two hours of our first call with their IT department, we had agreed on the diagnosis and course of action: provisioning all 60,000 toll-free numbers within our network and onto Verizon’s toll-free network, fully restoring service.