This international consumer and commercial electronics customer had contracted with another third-party entity to convert their Customer Service and Technical Support lines from TDM to VoIP enabled connection. The customer’s objective was to eliminate the MRC costs associated with the TDM cross connections, which had been used for 24 years. The customer had no previous experience with VoIP enabled connections. During the planning and testing process, the third-party entity encountered many roadblocks in different scenarios that stalled the migration process.


The information gleaned from the VoIP captures provided by the Televergence team assisted in the discovery of a software bug on a piece of Cisco equipment that the third-party entity was utilizing. Shortly afterward, a workaround was implemented until the bug was patched and the customer was able to meet the deadline for the VoIP enabled conversion. Televergence assisted in testing each number post-conversion. During the three years of post-conversion, the customer has encountered no issues.