Televergence Customer Returns due to Outstanding Technical Support, Troubleshooting & Problem Resolution


This Televergence communication services customer uses multiple service providers to ensure that the large volume of traffic that their customers route is well-serviced at competitive rates. Televergence initially won a portion of this customer’s voice services in mid-2021 based on very competitive rates and our unparalleled technical support and customer service. Traffic volumes, while growing, did fluctuate during the subsequent months, however, at all times, Televergence was able to support this customer.

At one point, due to some technical issues that the customer alleged was the fault of Televergence, the customer took Televergence out of route. The Televergence technical team did a thorough analysis and participated in several meetings between the technical teams of Televergence and the customer to discuss and resolve the issues that were impacting the customer’s use of our network and routes.

The Televergence technical team was able to validate, via these technical meetings, that the issue affecting this customer was internal to their network, and not a Televergence issue.

As a result of the extensive technical troubleshooting and assistance, the customer started routing traffic back over the Televergence network and the two teams are working together to increase the volumes being routed over the Televergence network.

This is another example of the Televergence team going “above and beyond”, providing in-depth technical analysis, troubleshooting and issue resolution for a customer. While the company’s unparalleled customer service and technical support is especially helpful for smaller companies whose IT infrastructure and technical team may be limited, in this case, the customer was very large, with a substantial IT and technical team. Televergence’s technical expertise enabled their team to identify and resolve the issue.


About Televergence

For over 32 years, Televergence has been saving customers an average of 30% over AT&T and Verizon on toll free and long distance services for contact centers and other high-volume users.  The Televergence Cloud Phone System is ideal for SMBs and enterprise customers with remote workers and priced to save them an average of 30% over the market-leading competitors.

Our Customer Commitment is supported by C-Level Account Management, unparalleled technical expertise and customer service, the highest quality, U.S.-based, 24 x 7 x 365 Network Operations Center, and Televergence’s industry-leading customer retention statistics. In addition, Televergence is a WOSB and WBENC certified diverse supplier.  To learn more, Click Here and schedule a 5-minute call.